4 Essential Elements that Help Top Freelance Writers Sustain Their Productivity

There is no doubt that scribblers can accomplish a lot of write-ups within a considerable period of time. Whether you are a novelist, a short story creator or a poet, your creative juices will be unleashed in pursuit of that seemingly perfect narrative or rhythmic anecdote for every reader to enjoy. However, the writing process is not always harmonious and spontaneous. Top Freelance writers, while having a great deal of control over their working time, are not perfect crafters of the written word. If you happen to be hit by what many call as writer’s block, you are not alone. There is more to the term than what has been initially perceived. Here are the essential pointers which you can tap into in order to enhance your writing prowess:

  • If you hit a snag, just write and write and write some more.

It doesn’t matter if your topic is about birds or about the Volkswagen Beetle or about South Africa. What matters is how you keep going in accomplishing your given assignment. Although it is understandable to stop scribbling when the ideas are not anymore in consonance with the focal subject, you will be amazed with your output if you push yourself to carve out more thoughts.

Perhaps the troubling part of writing unceasingly is the prospect of coming up with wrong or unrelated ideas. Now, the point here is not finding your perfect groove. The objective here is to gain a kind of momentum that will propel yourself towards completing that article.

  • Correct those writing mistakes later.

Freelance writing is about exploring and devising a scheme in order to come up with a relevant write-up. If you are cautious about making errors while scribbling, you will not get far. Writing engagements are sustained only by numerous words that you’ve churned out over time.

You don’t have to worry about the incorrect phrases or grammars that you put on paper. Take solace in the outpouring of your initiatives. The editing part will always come later. You’ll be surprised how those mistakes of yours help uncover the significance of your words.

  • Focus on the topic on hand.

The success behind freelance writing depends on how close you are to the subject matter that you are discussing. There will always be distractions. Whether it’s the noise or something that worries you at home, something always will creep inside your head. How you manage these and proceed to write at all is close to a work of perfection.

  • Remember that taking breaks is part of the process.

If you consider writing straight in order to accomplish a certain article real quick, then you are gearing yourself towards a disastrous ending. Freelance approach is about taking time to create write-ups useful or beneficial. You have to allow some rest or breathing space in order to refresh your total mindset. Take help of time tracking app to keep yourself productive, focused and refreshed.

If you notice, freelance writers who allow a longer respite regain their groove. They usually come back more energized and more focused. Allow enough freedom to institute a sense of vigor into your frame of writing.


Take note that top freelance writers maintain an outlook of flexibility. Yes, deadlines are given but you work at your pace. You approach the page with an attitude of sustaining what you do until you come up with the correct write-up. You focus on scribbling. You worry about mistakes later. And you take breaks in order to invigorate yourself.

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