5 Ways to increase your website rank on Google

Common problem that most of the bloggers are facing today is getting high website rank on Google.

Getting good website rank on Google means building a Good reputation with Google and that requires huge network, research on the niche, high quality content and sleepless nights of-course.There are few magic rules for Google and you need to follow religiously.Your website rank won’t increase overnight, it’s continuous effort of min 2-3 months.

There are plenty of hacks people do by buying traffic but that’s risky as you may end up loosing your Adsense account.

I am writing this blog to cover various aspects to increase website rank on Google.

1. Target Keywords: Research keyword and create it a list.You may use a keyword planner.I would personally recommend SEMrush. I have started using this awesome tool and observing the change in my website ranking.

You need to be aware about your competition keyword and how they are making money with those keywords.This step is very important since it will allow you to choose the right keywords that you need succeed. The key is to research and find less competitive keyword and start creating a list and work on those.

Success always require a plan and being a newbie blogger you need to work smart (and hard of-course).

Whereas, doing a lot of activities without a plan may even harm your website rankings. Back-links are a real Google rank increase if to use them in a smart way.

2. Off Page SEO: Google is smart and wants you to be smart blogger (not spam blogger).Create back-links , that how you boost you rank. Try building it slowly else Googlebots are smart enough to consider it as fake traffic.Try getting back-links with different keywords and unique anchor texts so that your profile look natural to Google. You should include your website URL, domain name and keywords

3. On Page SEO: So off-page optimization (i.e. back-links) is NOT enough to rank high on Google. You need to focus on ON-page SEO check as well.I’ll recommend free YOAST free plugin for On-page SEO.

This is pretty good plugin and does basic Analysis like with basic features.They key is to have long unique content posts with features keywords. Another thing which is important is consistency, try posting 3-4 unique posts every week.

Also verify the basic SEO setting like Sitemaps and robots.txt for better indexing.Create a sitemap (using sitemap generators) and upload it to Google by creating your Google Search Console account.

4.No Duplicate Content: Duplicate content is not goof for your site’s health.Try using Copyscape to find and get rid of all the duplicate content.With Google’s Panda 3.6 update, it’s almost impossible to perform with duplicate content on website.

Always remember QUALITY not Quantity!

5.Revisit Content: Some of your content might have been published a year ago but still gets traffic and ranks in search engines. Revisit your older content, update it, make sure it is still relevant and correct.

If people visit your site once and never return, Google search engines will know about it and they won’t rank your site high.It’s always important to connect with your followers and keep them engaged with your content.Try building your email list so that you can communicate with your followers because Conversations First, Conversions Second!

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