Cheap ways to send money abroad

Gone are days when people used to transfer money abroad via Western Union or MoneyGram. Their transfer fees are crazy expensive. If you are looking for Cheap ways to send money abroad, here is the easiest solution, TransferWise.

Who wants to waste so much money rather than transfer more to the people who actually need that money?

I was introduced to TransferWise by one of my friend and I found it really awesome. It’s so intuitive, fast and efficient.

With TransferWise, you always get the REAL exchange rate and a fair fee (some cents actually). Your first transfer is free if you sign up using my link.

Get your first transfer FREE!

Download TransferWise iOS app

About TransferWise

Transferwise is one of the hottest startups in the world right now, and considered a market leader in the Fintech sector, with a valuation of more than a billion dollars.

It is growing at a staggering pace of more than 100% in sales each year for the past 4 years, and has recently reported it is moving more than $500m every month for its clients.

How does it work?

TransferWise holds bank accounts in a number of countries and currencies and uses their customer’s to facilitate currency trades between each other.

Banks hide huge charges when you send money abroad. With TransferWise you save up to 90%. Problem solved, money saved.

It’s accounting network platform which transfer money for a small fee with REAL time support.Just pay through any card or internet banking and enter receipt details.Check out the video here 

TransferWise  currently supports over 27 currencies around the world, including the market’s largest pairings such as US Dollars, British Pounds, Euros, Indian Rupees, Swiss Franc, Hong Kong Dollars, Japanese Yen and Australian Dollars, just to name a few.

Get your first transfer FREE!

Step By Step Process:

Download TransferWise iOS app

Start using TransferWise, I personally recommend this.Please let us know in comments how your experience was 🙂


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