Comprehensive Guide to the Apple Affiliate Program


In the world of Affiliate marketing, you should not be left with any niche.If you are a blogger and passionate about making ‘passive income’ then you should sign up for Apple Affiliate program and promote the content on your website.

With content I mean, app to link to millions of songs and thousands of apps — as well as books, movies, TV shows and more — while earning commissions on qualifying sales. Apply now to join Apple Affiliate Program and earn commissions when you link to music, apps, books and more on iTunes, the App Store, iBooks and the Mac App Store.

How does iTunes affiliate program work?

Once you apply 4 page form and get approved.You would be getting access to custom tools to promote content.Once someone click and do any purchase on iTunes store you would receive 5% commission on all purchases made within 3 days of clicking on one of your affiliate links. Since most users go on a download frenzy after they purchase their new iPhone or iPad, your commissions can quickly grow.

No you won’t be earning huge but it would add a penny to your blogging income, since the apps would be in range upto $14.99.


iTunes Searchbar Widget:

First thing FIRST! Start with iTunes widget on your website and or create review of apps or purchases. Just install the widget on the sidebar or header and make your first purchase.

Affiliate Tools

Apple offers tools to make it easy to link to our stores, including Link Maker, Widget Builder, RSS Feed Generator, our Identity Guidelines and more.

  • Apple Music Tools
  1. Apple Music Toolbox:
    Use the Apple Music Toolbox to create links to Apple Music. Create widgets, badges, icons, and direct links for everything in Apple Music.Go to Apple Music Toolbox 
  2. Apple Music API:
    The Apple Music API allows developers to create superior user experiences by interacting directly with a user’s Apple Music account.Learn More 
  • General Tools
  1. Link Maker:
    Link Maker allows you to create links and badge art for anything in our stores. Go to Link Maker 
  2. Banner Builder:
    Get banners in multiple sizes for anything in our stores.Go to Banner Builder 
  3. Auto Link Maker:
    Auto Link Maker automatically converts all iTunes links on your website to affiliate links with one snippet of JavaScript.Go to Auto Link Maker 
  4. iTunes Widget Builder:
    Widget Builder allows you to integrate a rich and interactive experience on your websites and blogs.Go to Widget Builder 

  • Advanced Tools
  1. Search API:
    Programmatically browse and look up metadata for anything on iTunes, App Store, and iBooks. Learn More
  2. Enterprise Partner Feed (EPF):
    Get a complete set of metadata from the iTunes Store and App Store.Learn More
  3. RSS Feeds:
    Get an RSS feed of our stores’ top-selling content.Learn More
  4. Collection Builder:
    Create custom collections using any combination of iTunes Store content.Learn More

Thinking of joining the affiliate program signup and you may be approved within 5 days and start another passive income stream from your WordPress blog.

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