How to Increase your blogging income with Native Ads

How to Increase your blogging income by 200% with Native Ads

Are your AdSense earnings sucking?
Here’s a secret that you may not have discovered…
How to INCREASE YOUR BLOGGING INCOME with Native Ads with NO Traffic Increase!

You probably already know, but Adsense does not pay well below the fold

So why not earn 20 cents + per click and get a 3x HIGHER CTR rate with Native Ads?

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What Are Native Ads?
It’s the Next BIG thing

Native advertising is a method of presenting online media without disrupting the user experience. The ads follow the layout and functionality of a website in which it is placed.

The Native Ad

Every publisher faces the challenge of balancing profitability with user experience. This is where display advertising falls short. Adding more blinding banners may make a site more profitable at the expense of user experience.

With native advertising you don’t have to choose between user experience and making money. Native ads promote engaging content with stories users want to read without changing the form and function of a website.

  • Customizable Widgets
    Easy-To-Use Wizards

Create widgets to match the form and function of your website for a truly native experience.

  • Simple To Use
    Built For Performance

Log in, find what you need, and get back to important stuff, like making your website awesome.

  • Powerful Analytics
    Monitor Your Earnings

Detailed reports help you keep track of widget performance and earnings reports.

  • Easy Implementation
    For All Major Platforms

Support for Javascript and major blogging CMS platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and Typepad.

  • Amazing Support
    Talk To Our Experts

Need help taking your website to the next level? We are standing by ready to help you succeed.

  • All Shapes and Sizes
    IAB and Custom

Widgets come in most IAB standard sizes as well as custom units to match multiple website styles.

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